End of May update on Silk & Sonder self-care planner

This is the second part in an ongoing series about my experience with Silk & Sonder self-care planners. Click here to read about My initial impression of my Silk & Sonder May planner.

Earlier this week it was 90 degrees and sunny. Yesterday was 60 and cloudy and prone to dramatic cloudbursts of dramatic rain.

Today, the high was around 45.

My knees ache and my ankles keep giving out. I collapsed on the floor at one point, scraped my knee and tore my fancy, super soft and cozy joggers I bought at Stitch Fix’s Bizzy Hizzy employee pop-up store.

So I’m currently in bed with my electric blanket and two three-legged cats.

Louise, one of our fosters

Tomorrow I will finish my May edition of the Silk & Sonder wellness/self-care planner. Even though June starts on Tuesday, apparently Silk & Sonder starts all of its planners on Monday, so Monday May 31 is part of the June planner.

The June planner shipped in mid May, with an anticipated delivery date of May 24. According to the tracking information, it arrived at our regional post office about 10 miles away in the early afternoon on May 18, but didn’t arrive at our local post office 2 miles away until 4 days later on May 22.

It has languished there for a week.

Now, in the great scheme of life, this planner is not vital. But it is rather pricey, and I find a weird emotional sensation in stressing over planning my mental wellness strategies because my calendar is lost in the mail.

Receiving a calendar that suggests you plan for the future with reflection and mindfulness AFTER the month starts defeats some of the purpose.

And if there are problems with the United States Postal Service, shouldn’t the merchant find a new method of delivery? The product is time sensitive.

Honestly, I find it difficult to evaluate if the planner has allowed me to plot a calmer and more mindful future/existence because I’m too busy freaking out that tomorrow is Sunday, that I have to not only work Monday but work day shift, and I can’t even fill out my to do lists, meal plans and other Silk & Sonder pages.

2 thoughts on “End of May update on Silk & Sonder self-care planner

  1. Interesting that the Silk and Sonder journal has you making To-Do lists. This week on Noom they told us that to-do lists just ADD to your stress. What you should make instead are DONE lists. So at the end of the day when you’re feeling unproductive you can see everything you’ve gotten done.

    That being said, I am a to-do list gal and the thing that gives me the satisfaction is crossing poop off of it. At the end of the day if I can’t see the list thru the strike outs and the doodles I am a happy girl.

    Without a to-do list I’d be an unorganized mess. Even if nothing got crossed out.

    I should have ordered one. We should be doing it together. Self-help is fun when you’re not doing it alone.


    1. There is a weekly to-do section — just enough space to write the stuff down you need to do.

      I have to make to do lists to keep the stuff from repeating on my loop in a head. I often don’t even look at them.

      Well if I ever get June…. I’ll also get one in July. Then I will decide whether to keep.


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