Meet Rachel Thompson, “Connections”

Rachel made my day with her kind words.

Parisian Phoenix Publishing

Angel asked me to do a guest blog post for Parisian Phoenix Publishing, and I don’t do blogs (although I should), but for Angel I cannot say no.

You see, she and Gayle are more just than my friends.

Angel wanted to know how I feel about “joining the Parisian Phoenix family.” I have a piece in their upcoming anthology. It is my honor. In one way or another, Angel especially, and more recently Gayle, are already family.

We writers and literary professionals are members of the writer-reader family. We count ourselves among those who love books—we are all connected.

Writers are the deepest members of this diverse association. If blood is thicker than water the blood that runs between writers is hot lava.

Writers need writers. Us weirdoes understand each other. You readers get to partake in the result. Affections run deep between people who work together, accomplish together…

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