More people to assemble the puzzle

I saw my primary care physician today. It was a scheduled follow up to some anemia-related issues I had over the summer, but, after reminding me what the visit was originally scheduled for, my doctor (knowing me?) added, “so are there any new problems?”

To which I replied, “I always have new problems.”

We went through my bloodwork— my iron has improved significantly and apparently I haven’t been taking enough vitamin D. The improvement has been good, and brought me into the normal range, but not enough to prepare me for the dark winter months.

After a discussion of my plan for my weight, he assessed my ailing hips. The range of motion from every angle is limited. And my back is definitely tight.

I have five scripts for x-rays, and am sitting in an urgent care waiting for them. I just got done at the dentist, and the dentist mentioned that my dental hygiene has been half-assed and took its toll.

The teenager is in the car reading a novel for her English class and I can’t help but stress about the decisions I have ahead of me— especially as pertains to my body, my routines and my job.

(See more info on the work transitions here.)

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