My dream self care for cerebral palsy

Despite high heat and humidity and a general lazy attitude, I drag my ass to the gym three times a week.

I’m feeling good. Gaining strength. Still not losing weight but the stamina is improving and body parts seem to be gaining definition.

My fitness coach Andrew at Apex Training and my chiropractor and physical therapy guru Nicole Jensen at Back in Line Chiropractic and Wellness Center had a lovely conversation on social media that tickled my heart.

But then… a strange incident happened today that I take as a compliment. I was walking home from the gym when a stranger stopped me.

“I don’t mean to be all up in your business,” this stranger said to me on the street, “but you seem to not be limping. You used to really favor that one leg.”

Ummmmm… I know my town is small but I didn’t know it was that small.

That reminded me of a list I made the other day. I was thinking about what I would do to improve my fitness if I had more resources. And that should be considered self-care.

And I’m proud that I’ve made a financial and personal commitment to my training, even if I haven’t had the same discipline with my diet.

So here’s my unorthodox approach to maintaining my physical and mental health… if I had more resources.

In addition to my personal training and regular chiropractic care, I would pursue:

  • hot yoga. I’ve heard it is fantastic for stretching and relaxing the muscles.
  • Private dance lessons. My doctors and physical therapists keep telling me about stretching, and at one point I was doing these video tap-dance lessons at home. The foot movements in the tap steps are exactly what my doctors tell me to do. But more fun.
  • Massages. This is another one of those things they recommend for spastic muscles.
  • Facials. Cerebral palsy is a neurological condition so I need to make sure that I balance not only my physical health but my stress levels, too.
  • Professional Nail Care. Regular manicures would keep my confidence strong. And foot health is extremely important. And I need help trimming and maintaining my toe nails.
  • Chiropractic care. So, I go to the chiropractor every one to two weeks. It’s pretty much the one thing that provides relief to my achy joints and stiff muscles. But I would love to have a regular weekly appointment that I didn’t have to worry about payment.
  • Mental health therapy. I have an appointment with my therapist about every six weeks, but that’s another one I would like to be more frequent. Because of my mindset “slips,” my physical health will follow.
  • Competitive sports. If I had more resources, or perhaps had a job that didn’t demand so much physicality from my body, I would love to commit to a strength sport or to running a 5K with a coach to guide me.
  • Food. I love food shopping and I enjoy cooking. I just wish it were easier to afford the right kinds of food that nourish, maintain and heal the body.

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