The sink hole, the medical stuff and the backwards rune

Me, in a chair identical to the one the dog ate, waiting at the hospital

I feel like garbage: exhausted, headachy, ears ringing, like I might come down with some horrible flu at any moment. I just got home from my CT scans, one with contrast, to double check that there is nothing interfering with blood flow between my brain and my heart. And upon attending a follow-up with one of my doctor’s residents today, they want to do a tilt table test to rule out POTS.


I just drank about 16 ounces of water and wolfed down an Abe’s Mom’s Gluten Free coffee cake muffin. I’m pretty sure it was nutritionally void but it tasted amazing. It tasted like the whole thing was made of coffee cake crumb topping.

Work this week has been really good– except for the fact that I was in intense pain Monday, and then I nailed it Tuesday (and discovered the extra energy came from my blood pressure being higher than normal), and then I hurt on Wednesday from overdoing it Tuesday.

I came home from work yesterday, went to the chiropractor, canceled my session at the gym and was asleep by 7 p.m. and I slept until 5 a.m.

Speaking of work… two bits of news from the Bizzy Hizzy. My favorite sinkhole opened again and it got filled again this week. And they were giving out random PVC pipe. Of course, the teenager wanted one.

I used the bathroom at the doctor’s office and I noticed a strange pattern on my favorite jean jacket. It looks like a rune. So, I posted it on social media. And it looks like a potential bad omen. It looks like Raido, “the journey,” backwards.

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