Christmas Traditions

My daughter and I are rapidly approaching the six-month-mark of being our own household. The strangeness of being the only parent in the house and the absence of another adult is starting to feel normal.

My feelings about Christmas

(Cultural Appropriation)

I can’t remember a time that I’ve been a fan of Christmas. It’s a holiday that emphasizes Christian hypocrisy in my mind, especially since most Christians don’t understand the manufactured nature of the holiday as stolen from pagan traditions to convert the masses into Christianity when the religion was new.

Most Christians I’ve been exposed to don’t understand the symbolic nature of Christmas and truly believe Jesus was born on December 25. They also don’t see the mixed message of celebrating a man they revere as an example of how to treat others and to behave in a ethically and morally decent way by saying a different mythically being breaks into your house to give you presents in an ostentatious display of hedonistic greed.

Christmas was always, to me, a blatant display of society’s preference toward the socio-economically privileged.

But I digress…

Making new Christmas traditions

This is my first Christmas in ten years not working retail. This is my first Christmas in my life where I have decided to build my own traditions and consider what I want instead of meeting family expectations.

So I’m working on it.

And after all these years of being a Christmas curmudgeon, it feels good.

I’ve always loved Christmas music. I already enjoyed Tuba Christmas and Small Business Saturday in downtown Easton.

(See more about that day and my visit with my friend Grinch here: The Christmas Season has launched.)

I also dug my Christmas socks and sweaters from storage. They were a mainstay of my Target career.

Three Christmas sweaters.

I wore the first of my Christmas sweaters yesterday. Meowy Christmas: worn with my colleague in mind. She has three cats.

As I hoped, she loved it.

On Wednesday I wore my Grinch shirt with my blazer to a holiday mixer of the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce (at Stoke in Downtown Easton). I ended up posing with Chamber officers in front of the Christmas tree.

I love my Christmas socks.

But I still digress…

This was supposed to talk about Christmas and my daughter…

Advent Calendar

Neither my daughter nor I ever had an advent calendar so we bought one at Lidl today.

But hey, I’ve babbled enough… I’ll just share the video:

Advent Excitement