Sunday morning solace

Later, I will do my review of the June 2020 Ipsy Glam bag. Probably today. No promises.

(But if you’re really into cosmetics and need to see an unboxing— here’s the YouTube video: June 2020 Glam Bag unboxing)

Because it’s Sunday. Sunday should be about family, pets, lovers or your religion. Wherever you find your peace and your wholeness.

With life bringing most people new challenges in 2020, and my life was no exception even before the Coronavirus pandemic (which is another discussion) and the much-needed societal realization that we have some major institutionalized issues in this country regarding race and other types of minorities.

But fear, and hope, and pluck, are all great equalizers. When emotions rise, it can lead to change and fight and passion.

I let the parakeets free fly this morning, which means Nala, my cockatoo, wanted yo stay with them and harass them and steal their food. (I think she has a chip on her shoulder that they can fly and she can’t.)

Opie, our three-legged cancer surviving cat, got out yesterday and returned for breakfast today.

I’m sitting on the porch with a cup of coffee and some of the edible cookie dough my teenager daughter made yesterday. All four cats swirling around me.

It’s Flag Day, so I should raise Old Glory, but I’m too short to reach our flag post.

And I’m about to do my morning journal entry, hang the laundry on the clothesline and read some of The Fault in Our Stars. It’s the teenager’s favorite book and “the only book school couldn’t ruin.”

Why do Sundays end with stress? If Mondays bring so much anxiety, isn’t it a sign our outdated work system is killing us?

Wondering… wondering…

How can we survive better?

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