Wrestling with a turkey

I received an almost 18 pound turkey from my foster cat godmother— and Fog has already tried to get into the sink to eat the damn thing.

The neck is frozen inside the turkey because the back of my fridge is so cold. I have three items to bake in the oven— sweet potato casserole, corn bread and green beans Caesar— and they may not exist peacefully with the bird. So I have two neighbors on standby in case I need more oven space.

The theme of the dinner is “as close to a Thanksgiving meal I can make with the items in my kitchen.”

The menu:

  • Turkey and gravy
  • Homemade mashed potatoes
  • Sweet potato casserole or crunch, not sure yet
  • green beans caesar
  • Homemade coleslaw
  • Corn
  • Cornbread
  • Cranberry sauce

Still struggling with the neck of the turkey…

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