Another day, another fall

Tomorrow I visit my hand specialist for my one month check up. Tuesday I see my family doctor/primary care physician about going back to work.

The increased sessions at Apex Training have shown me how weak my core has gotten as I struggle with issues in my S1 joint, lower back (retrolisthesis) and hips (femoral anteversion). But the uptick in training has helped me with balance, range of motion, and eliminating hip pain.

But I’ve also learned motion is crucial, as being active, on my feet and doing things is the only way to prevent intense stiffness.

And then after a great workout with Andrew at Apex, I fell on the way home. It’s the second time in a week I just randomly fell. Did I trip over my own two feet? Maybe. Did I just lose my balance? Maybe.

But these are the types of incidents I worry about, especially when I have a cast on my finger and work in a warehouse.

I fell a block away from home. I managed to throw myself into the grass instead of the sidewalk. That saved me scrapes and bruises. But I fell on my face and bent my glasses.

Luckily, the teenager could bend them back.

This time, the disability leave from work, is about gaining strength, learning more about my body and giving myself time to heal. But it (more of it than I expected) also is teaching me about the balance between fighting and surrendering.

3 thoughts on “Another day, another fall

  1. When I was falling a lot 98-02 it turned out to be my blood pressure. I would damage myself every time and it was always while walking casually down the street. Breaking glasses, ripping foreheads and knees, among other things. Did I ever tell you about the time I was walking from the parking garage to the State Theatre and face planted on the sidewalk? I cleaned myself up a bit in their bathroom. I looked like I was mugged and bled thru the show. (I was not wasting a ticket!) Not a single person mentioned it which I found odd. Although I detest them, BP pills have mostly stopped those falls. Now when I fall there’s a reason. It might be time to bite the BP pill bullet. Or at least start to monitor your BP a couple times a week. (I know nothing about medicine, nor do I play a doctor on TV.)


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