Four week mallet finger update

My soul, although surrounded by so much goodness and spring happy vibes, trembles in stress most of every day.

2022 has challenged me.

And that’s okay.

Today I visited my hand specialist for my first monthly follow-up of my ruptured tendon in my left ring finger, an injury known as “mallet finger” or “baseball finger.”

Here are some of my previous posts about the injury:

My specialist removed my cast tonight and announced my performance at holding my finger up is halfway there.

Then he also announced I’d need a splint or a new cast.

I made the appointment for my follow up at the office close to home only to have him call me and tell me I need to see the hand institute by his office on the other side of the valley. 30 minute drive.

At the end of a very busy week that includes my birthday.

I have to take some foster cats to the vet at 1, and run over to my occupational therapist’s office for a 3:30 appointment. I called from the parking lot of the specialist.

Then I had to come home and crate 3 cats for their vet appointment so now my temporary splint is very fuzzy.

I’ll update later based on what the next phase of treatment is. Whatever it is, I hope we can wash my hands first.

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