Today I canned Amish tomatoes

So, I got a text the other day— it was probably Thursday but who knows— from my friend and talented photographer Joan.

“The farm has Amish tomatoes, want some? $25/bushel.”

We agreed to split some if they had some left when she went to pick up her regular CSA share.

She dropped them off yesterday. Now, I have always wanted to home-can tomatoes. I decided to make seasoned roasted tomatoes.

I started at 7:30, they came out of the water bath at 11:30. I think my yield was 1 pint jar, 2 half pints, the tiny quarter pint jar and a mouthful.

2 thoughts on “Today I canned Amish tomatoes

  1. Things have changed so much in canning and food safety over the years, old advice might not be good advice. And you didn’t do a lot of tomatoes. My mom (dead for 20 years) used to add a very little lemon juice to her canned tomatoes. Her reasoning was that the soil in the Lehigh Valley wasn’t acid enough. Her 90 quarts wouldn’t make it thru the year w/o some spoiling.


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