Pandemic Experiments

  • Misty was staring at the ceiling. So I turned on the ceiling fan and watched his little kitten face go, “what the…”
  • I have gained four pounds since the shutdown started, and seven pounds since I lost weight in the beginning of the pandemic. I have become extremely sedentary, eat too many baked goods and potato chips, and have to stop stress-eating pizza.
  • Depending where on your person you keep your phone, the pedometer on it is highly inaccurate and can make you feel really lazy
  • Jackfruit was not what I expected and I think I say that in a good way
Jackfruit riced vegetable stir fry with potstickers
  • If I skip my allergy medicine I will be uncomfortable.
  • The teenager and I enjoyed Star Trek The Next Generation together last night. Wow— did it ever look primitive and dated.

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