CVS Lunch Challenge

I only get 30 minutes for lunch and it looked like a gorgeous day outside so the teenager and I walked to CVS to get my medicine.

Too many of my days I remain indoors like this:

(Except I usually have a cockatoo on my shoulder not a cat on my lap.)

I said to the teenager, after paying for my prescription, I have $8 left and $6.17 on a CVS gift card— Can we get lunch for the two of us?

She promptly replied, “I probably can’t, not here at CVS, but you probably can.”

We checked out the frozen pizzas, the Hot Pockets and the Lean Cuisines. All of which were buy 1, get 1 50% off.

The teenager wanted to try Lean Cuisine Sesame Chicken. (Regular price $5.39)

I will never understand how they process out all of the nutrition from the vegetables.

The teenager was pining over her sugary jugs of Arizona iced tea. I had one last surprise— the 20+ ounce cans of ALL Arizona flavors were 4 for $2. I picked one and let her select three.

And I picked out a bag of Herr’s potato chips.

Total before gift card: $12.64

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