My daughter won’t approve

So, my daughter asked me if I plan on returning to my vegetarian habits when she leaves home.

I said no, but the more I think about it— the answer might be yes.

I probably eat 75% plant-based naturally. I even eat quite a few vegan meals, like the Hungryroot zucchini falafel I had for lunch yesterday in a sweet potato wrap with green chili sauce and lemon tahini.

As the teenager likes to remind me; I put beans or vegetables in just about every meal.

I find plant-based cuisine quicker to prepare, very versatile and easier for me to get the nutrients I need. And harder to overeat. Easier to stay lean.

And easier to avoid processed or fatty foods.

But the volume of food needed to gain muscle and stay satiated when weight training is intimidating. If I weren’t at the gym— I know I could keep a good diet. But I’m already struggling with my macros so it makes me nervous.

This is when I turn toward Simnett Nutrition, Gaz Oakley the Avant Garde Vegan and even Abbey Sharp on YouTube.

I also ordered a Green Chef meal box. This accompanies the meals and groceries I have delivered from Purple Carrot and Hungryroot.

I “do” Purple Carrot and Hungryroot once a month each and I was jonesing for an extra Purple Carrot box last night at 1:30 a.m. but I missed my order cut off and found a discount code for 50% off a Green Chef box so…

And the teen and I are supposed to go grocery shopping at noon today. I intend to go to the gym, hit the weights hard, and come home and meal plan. I need to make it harder to abuse myself with food.

Speaking of the gym… My Nick Best/Best Strong t-shirt by Barbell Apparel arrived Tuesday night and I am so excited to wear it to the gym. Nick Best is a strong man athlete up there with Brian Shaw and Edie Hall, but Nick is in his fifties. I can relate to his philosophy:

Age is just a number.

Nick Best

Unboxing the Best Strong t-shirt can be seen on YouTube here: T-shirt and my new novel unboxing.

I posted the photo on Instagram and Nick Best’s Instagram liked it and followed me!

Order my novel here:

One thought on “My daughter won’t approve

  1. Here’s my philosophy about diets. I don’t mean weight-loss diets, just daily diets in general. People should stop declaring that they are “_______” period. It puts undo stress on them. It makes them feel like they need to defend their choices. Instead, I think one should eat however it makes them happy. If it’s vegan (A world w/o real cheese – personal yuck) so be it. The list of choices is endless. Here’s the best part. Say one spends 85% of the time, even 90% being _________ and one day decides, dang it, I’m hungry for a steak. They can eat it. No harm. No foul. No puzzled looks and questions from family/friends saying I thought you were _____. Because there was no declarations.

    Case-in-point I knew someone who was vegan but she always told you she was vegetarian. Because on rare occasions she drank raw milk. (She didn’t even use yeast. It’s alive) So people constantly corrected her label.

    I’m forever on the see-food diet. I see food. I eat it. As long as someone else is cooking I’ll pretty much eat everything.

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